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How to Cash In on Your Time

This past weekend I watched a movie called In Time that was set in a futuristic world where time had become the currency of the day.  Besides some glaring plot holes, one of the main points of the movie remained:

Time is a valuable commodity not to be wasted.

When running your own business or operating your own franchise, it can seem like there is never enough time to get everything done.  Employing the five time management techniques below can help you to prioritize your day and lead to smoother operations of your business or franchise.

  1. Plan out the tasks for the day first thing in the morning and prioritize the tasks by importance.
  2. Determine what tasks can be delegated and assign them accordingly.
  3. Set deadlines for yourself to complete the tasks and work diligently to meet them by focusing on one task at a time.
  4. Tackle your “to-do” list in the way that works best for you; this may take some trial and error until you find what suits you.
  5. Accept that not everything may get done in one day and keep a running list so that the tasks that don’t get done are carried over to tomorrow’s “to-do” list.

Although time is not literally currency like in the movie, it is one of your most valuable assets and using it wisely can aid in your success as a business or franchise owner.

2 thoughts on “How to Cash In on Your Time

  • Great post! Very hard to avoid wasting time when there are so many distractions, but I think if we’re aware of it, we can be more proactive in what we’re doing.

    Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

  • Thank you Micky! Being busy is great but making sure you are productive and not wasting time while your so busy can be a challenge sometimes, especially with so many distractions as you mentioned. I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and leave a comment!

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