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A Masterclass in Customer Service & Appreciation

Yesterday when I checked my business mail, I noticed a package from Ruby Receptionists (a small business that I use for cheerful & professional virtual receptionist services).  To my great surprise, it was a gift package for the birth of my daughter made up of a handwritten personalized card, a onesie baby outfit, and two Starbuck gift cards.  Why two cards, you might ask? But of course, one for me & one for my wife.  What an unexpected yet incredible surprise!

To be sure, I have always been impressed by Ruby.  But they still continue to amaze me.  And the more I thought about this, I knew I had to write about it.

Simply put, they are exactly what every small business should strive to be.

They are:

  •  Focused – All they do is virtual receptionist work, and they do it damn well;
  • Customer centered –  their customer support when you call is amazing, courteous, fast, and efficient;
  • Easy to do business with – they have a simple, streamlined process, and make every encounter seamless and easy; and
  • Have a great culture – they are routinely ranked as one of the top small businesses to work for in America.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we all should be striving for this type of excellence.  This is what will set you apart!  This is what will make raving fans out of your customers!  This is what will get you noticed! And perhaps, most importantly, this is how you drive home value……do what others are not doing with your customer always top of mind.

Ruby could have easily sent me an email, and I would have thought that was nice.  Instead, they “wowed” me, and now I am writing a blog about them and earlier tweeted out how appreciative I am of their company and the gesture.

In short, they exhibited today a masterclass in customer service & appreciation!

Thank you, Ruby!  You certainly have a raving fan in me.