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Master Your Business is a fantastic site with insightful articles.  A recent article I read, The Path to Mastery, speaks to the power of excellence and how best to achieve it.  Most business owners that I know try to be excellent at their craft.  But most do not take the time or make the effort to develop a plan to become excellent.  Just as you plan your day, plan your schedules, plan your vacations, plan your breaks, plan your lunches, and plan just about everything else in your life, you MUST plan your strategy to become EXCELLENT at what you do.  Good is not good enough.  Recently, I was reminded by my cousin, who works at Apple, that the late Steve Jobs created a culture in which excellence is always sought and anything less is simply not good enough.  In fact, my cousin summed it up a bit more succinctly:  “At Apple, if you are a good employee, you are fired.”  Being productive and excellent at your craft matters in every business.  Take the time now to devise a plan to become excellent at what you do so you can reap the benefits throughout your career.