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Is Your Restaurant Ready to Franchise?



Deciding to turn your restaurant into a franchise is a tough decision with many aspects to consider.

Below are 15 questions to consider BEFORE turning your restaurant into a franchise:

  1. Are you profitable?
  2. Do you have a well-defined Operations Manual?
  3. Is your business systematized or does the business depend on you being there?
  4. Are you operating more than one location?
  5. Have at least 5 people asked you about opening a different location?
  6. Do you have a crystal clear understanding of what your customers love about your restaurant?
  7. Do you have high turnover and difficulty replacing staff?
  8. Do you have a handle on inventory and stocking?
  9. Is the Signature item on your menu marketable?
  10. Do you have a Signature Item on your menu?
  11. Is your name protected with a federal trademark registration?
  12.  Do you have a functioning, organized, practical and helpful operations manual outlining every aspect of your restaurant?
  13. Are you sure on size, space, locations, build out, and staffing for your restaurant?
  14. How many of your restaurants could survive and thrive in the 100 mile radius surrounding your current location?
  15. # of locations you wish to expand to and where you would like to expand?