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How To Grow Your Franchise Thinking of Others

Over the weekend I was swimming with my oldest daughter, Sophia. We spent 90 minutes in my in-law’s pool laughing, playing and learning. Like most kids, Sophia loves to laugh, play, and learn but only when it is “fun.” Fun equals motivation in Sophia’s mind. While in the pool, I tried to get Sophia to practice swimming. At first she completely resisted. It was not until I made a game of it that she dove in (no pun intended) and embraced the learning process.

Whether you are swimming with your children, working on your business, networking with prospects, marketing or doing anything else that is important to you or your franchise, you must understand the motivations of the people you are trying to reach and impact.

Below are 3 ways to help you do this, which in turn will make these things more enjoyable, effective, and results oriented:

1. Think with others in mind – In order to be successful in reaching people, you must think about the person you are trying to reach and how he or she can benefit from what you are doing.
2. Make it interesting – People want to have fun and enjoy what they are doing. If you are trying to develop a relationship, form a bond, or get to know others….make sure your encounters are interesting. We are all bombarded with things we “have” to do on a daily basis. You are more inclined to get someone’s attention if what you are doing is interesting to them.
3. Be authentic – Developing relationships with others is key to your success in life and business. The only way to develop a good relationship, is to be authentic. Be professional, but not phony.

If you pay attention to these three things in your interactions with others, I assure you will make better relationships that have a lasting and positive impact on your business.