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Franchise Friday: Axe Monkeys

Welcome to Franchise Friday, a weekly showcase of unique franchise systems. It’s not always about what’s “hot” in franchising but more so about what provides unique opportunities that are a good fit for you. We want to help bring light to those franchise systems who set themselves apart to help educate those who are considering buying a franchise.

On this week’s episode of Franchise Euphoria, we talked about how creativity and franchising are not mutually exclusive. In that same light, we decided to highlight a franchise concept this week that, while is perhaps not the most practical service for everyday life, sure stands out as a unique, creative, and fun system. We’re talking about Axe Monkeys, an axe-throwing franchise that allows participants to come to their facility and heave axes at targets for entertainment purposes. Oftentimes when people think of a franchise, what comes to mind is McDonalds or Subway, but this goes to show that you can allow creativity into your franchised business and allow that to be your “secret sauce.”

Axe-throwing is a budding concept that is starting to pop up in many metropolitan areas. But they don’t just stop at axes – they offer spear and knife-throwing services as well as a “rage room” filled with all breakable items for your smashing pleasure. The appeal of this concept stems from the danger that these weapons represent; typically, as a civilized human-being, you can’t just wield an axe in public without compromising the safety of those around you. This opportunity provides participants with a controlled environment to let loose, and, similar to our feature in this week’s Franchise Euphoria, is an outlet for people with any pent-up angst to relieve some stress.

Axe Monkeys currently only has two business locations, which means there’s lots of room for franchisees to fill a virtually unsaturated market. This franchise prides themselves on their creativity and invites potential franchisees to join a unique system that won’t blend in with the competition.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this franchising opportunity! If you would like to learn more about their system, head over to And, of course, before you buy a franchise, make sure it is a great fit for you, it is a wise investment, and you have vetted the system through an experienced franchise professional.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be construed as an endorsement of any particular franchise system or as legal advice in general. This post is intended for informational purposes only.