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Are You a Good Franchise Prospect?

There are many questions you should ask yourself as you consider franchise opportunities.  Below are some of the most important questions to think about as you go through the franchise buying process.

Do you like to follow rules?


Are you a team player?


Are you open to being told what to do and how to operate your business?


Are you ok with the status quo or are you an overachiever?


Do you have business experience?


Have you ever owned your own business?


Are you comfortable managing people?


Do you have enough liquid capital (money) to sustain the business(s) you are considering for at least 1 year’s time?


Are you an “idea” person?


Are you good at following and implementing a plan provided to you?

There are many more questions to be asked and answered.  But just thinking about the questions above, will give you a head start into the franchise buying process.  Take your time through this process and make sure that you are a good prospect for franchising BEFORE you spend your money on one.