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6 Questions to Ask About Your Company Culture and Values

Every organization, business, and franchise that has ever been established was formed for a particular purpose and with a certain set of values in mind.  Often times, as the company grows, the values become lost in the shuffle and, when that happens, it can be difficult to reintegrate the values and rebuild the company culture.  However, with effort and intention, you can restore the values and company culture that your business or franchise was founded on, or if needed, implement a new set of values.  In order to determine whether you are on track with your company culture and values, you should get back to the basics and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my “why?”
  2. What is the particular purpose of my business or franchise?
  3. Do the current values and culture reflect the purpose and the “why?”
  4. How can I realign the business values and culture with the purpose and the “why?”
  5. Are my employees aware of the business values and culture?
  6. Are my employees, the franchisor, and I all working toward the same goal?

Some of the above questions may seem simple, but when you actually sit down and think about them, the answers may surprise you.  Company culture and values are an extremely important aspect of a business and can be one of the main factors differentiating your business from competitors and therefore, deserves your time and attention.