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PERQ: Business Done Well!

One of my client’s this week had a coming out party of sorts.  A party to celebrate their transition from a direct marketing company into a digital marketing & software business.  The name is PERQ.  You may not be familiar with them as PERQ, but if you are involved in the Indy tech & entrepreneurial scene you certainly are!  Formerly CIK, with various subsidiaries, PERQ is an innovative and high energy company on the cutting edge of marrying the parts of traditional direct mail marketing that still work with the wild west aspects of the digital age all with the singular goal to drive greater value to their clients.  Not lost, however, on PERQ is the importance of cultivating a great company culture along the way.

For anyone who had the opportunity to attend their recent launch party, which was co-branded with Verge, got a first hand account of the magnetism of this Company.  The energy of their team, the open work space, and youthful enthusiasm were all on display.  Just as evident though was the veteran leadership displayed by the founders, Scott Hill and Andy Medley.  This is not their first rodeo.  They have seen first hand the trappings of quick success with their original companies and understand the value moving forward of taking things more in stride, planning for change, and positioning themselves for the tech future.  Their joint and company-wide philosophy of treating business like a game, keeping score, sharing the numbers with their employees, and having fun while they work is not only evident by the basketball court, workout facility, and scooters that fill their work space, but also by the posting of the company revenues month over month in the open for all to see.  Refreshing!  The leaders of PERQ take their business very seriously, themselves not so much.  This humble approach is a shining example to all newcomers and future leaders on the Indy scene.

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