A Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Great Franchise

Considering buying a franchise? Confused by the legal documents?  Looking to make an informed and smart decision?

This educational Guide & Audio Course contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious tips and best practices for how to understand Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).  These are the long, and not so easy to understand packet of documents that a franchisor must provide to you and you must sign BEFORE you buy a franchise.

Think of this Guide as a way to break down these documents into digestable and understandable chunks so that you can make a more informed and better decision.

This Guide is the by-product of years spent working with people in the franchise world and helping them make smart franchise decisions..

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A Lawyer's Guide to Buying a Great Franchise is an educational guide that provides vital information, clear explanations, red flags to look out for,  and questions for you to ask and consider BEFORE you buy a franchise.

A Guide For All Skill Levels

Regardless of whether you are just getting started in your franchise search or have been looking for quite some time, this Guide will help you along the way and provide you with valuable insight so you can better understand the FDD.

A Guide Based On Experience

This Guide is based on my experiences including many of the things  I have learned and continue to learn from working with people on franchise matters. While not a substitute for legal services, this Guide will help you gain a better understanding of franchising, and will equip you with knowledge that will help you make a smarter franchise decision.

“I love helping people buy great franchises so they can reach their entrepreneurial dreams. In order to do this, you must first have a clear understanding of what you are buying, why you are buying, and how the entire system works. This Guide will help you towards that goal.”