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The Benefits of a Well-Structured Build-Out

How often do you go into a business and you find yourself weaving through mobs of people, tables, or any other logical obstacle you might encounter? Probably too often, right? In today’s society, it is an unspoken rule that getting from point A to point B should be as simple

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What’s Hot in Franchising and Why You Shouldn’t Care

The franchise community continues to rise, and as such, I am constantly flooded with questions about the best franchises to buy into. But even more often, people are wanting to know what’s currently “hot” in franchising. While this may seem like a great question to ask if you’re looking at

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Reasons to Hire a Franchise Attorney BEFORE Buying a Franchise

Purchasing a franchise can be an exciting, but overwhelming endeavor. It comes with inherent risk, but seeking guidance from experienced professionals can help you determine the expected costs and value, ensure you are legally protected, and are purchasing the franchise the right way. Though this may add to your overall

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