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How to Franchise Your Business: Step Three

The saga continues with our How to Franchise Your Business mini-series. So far, we’ve covered step one, preparing your business for franchising, and step two, drafting the legal documentation. So what’s next? Once you’ve got your Franchise Disclosure Documents polished and an experienced franchise professional has signed off on them

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How to Franchise Your Business: Step Two

We are onto Day Two of our mini-series on How to Franchise Your Business. On Friday, we discussed the various ways you will need to prepare your business before you franchise. While these preparations are technically just suggestions, they are crucial to lay the proper foundation for your franchise system.

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Movies, Sports, & Business Franchises — Oh My!

I’m going to level with you for a minute – I’m a nerd. Just recently, I went to the midnight premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, and let me tell you that I had chills the entire time. I’m telling you – the Marvel Cinematic Universe has mastered the art of

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California Amends its Franchise Relationship Law

  Last month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that amends the California Franchise Relationship law to provide more protections to franchisees in regards to termination, defaults, transfers, and the remedies for franchisees in the event their franchise agreement is unlawfully terminated.  The amendment will apply to franchise agreements

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